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Backed by RTA Fleet Management Software’s 40 Years of Experience

It didn’t take long for RTA’s founder, Ron Turley, to find that managing UPS® 's fleet in the mid 1960’s would consist of putting out daily fires, and in turn would consume all of his time. So, he created an approach that helped him implement proactive solutions for increasing the efficiency of managing their fleet. Over the course of his time at UPS®, he saved the company over $100 million in costs, which would be roughly $300 million today.

Forty years later, Ron’s business is still in the family, and our goal is the same: We help fleet managers run their fleets with more efficiency and less hassle at a cost their companies can’t afford to pass up.


Xerifleet is Powered by RTA Software
Fleet Managers Worldwide Trust RTA

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City of Vancouver Washington

“(Because) it’s awesome!! It meets the needs of any size fleet, private or public! RTA staff are the best! But most importantly, RTA cares!”

City of Vancouver, Wash.
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Beaver Bus Lines

“RTA is very easy to use (for what we use it for at our business). The customer service is excellent–I’ve always been helped immediately and swiftly. Keep up the good work!”

eaver Bus Lines
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City of Casa Grande

“RTA does everything I need and more. I never have to wonder if I will have the information I need at any given time with the reports that are available to me.”

City of Casa Grande

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Track and analyze your fleet better

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Reduce Paperwork and increase efficiency

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Optimize your time with better status reports

Fleet Managers

With Xerifleet, you can be confident that your drivers are correctly performing vehicle inspections on-time. As a fleet manager, you will always be informed of vehicle issues and the status of repairs. No more wondering about the status of repairs or issues falling through the cracks. Stay completely informed and access vehicle inspection information quickly, all in the palm of your hand.



Quickly complete required inspections using a mobile device. No more shuffling through papers and writing time-consuming, detailed descriptions. Simply snap photos of any problems, record notes with your voice, and that’s it! No need to waste time checking with the shop on the status of repairs and issues – simply wait for the notifications to come through on your mobile device.

Shop Supervisors

Stay ahead of the curve and get a heads up on issues before the vehicle arrives in the shop. When repairs are made, seamlessly update the eDVIR status from your fleet maintenance system. Get notifications, make notes on the vehicle and communicate with drivers all through the systems you use every day. No paper forms and no double data-entry.